Asked Questions

  1. “When was your heart first broken, if it ever has been?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: I’m sure it has been. Quite sure. But not sure how or when. Grey shades, what’s breaking?, etc.
    • 14 Oct 2002 11:33pm: My girlfriend says she doesn’t think it has been, but that she could be wrong.
  2. “At what age did you develop an awareness of chronology, or have you always had one?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: I can not remember not having had one.
  3. “Do you remember your first day of school?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: Nope. Nor my last.
    • 12 Jun 2003 11:18am: I take that back.. I remember the last day of.. 4th grade? 5th? In math class, trading a compass for a quarter so I could buy the mathbook. Very vague.
  4. “Did you used to have pets (non-human variety)? If so, what were they like?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: We got a dog, a brindle cairn terrier, which we imaginatively named pepper. Later, a westhighland white named salty. Pepper had the brains of the pair, totally dominated salt. Later, we got a ferret, named slinky. Slink died of a respiratory infection. We got a rottweiller puppy, named gummy, two more ferrets, the ferets were given away, then gummy had to be given away because he was fighting with the neighbor’s dog and the neighbor was threatening him. Then we got two new ferrets, which are still with my mom. Pepper died of prostate cancer several years ago, and salty a few years later (I don’t remember what from. Liver failure?)
  5. “Who was your first (non-familial) friend? Do you know?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: To my knowledge, that would be Burt Rife. Slightly older than I, he lived next door when we moved into the duplex on sunny slope north. We were best friends for many years until his family moved away.
  6. “Do you think your personality has pretty much become what it will always be?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: Most definitely not. I am not now who I was a month ago, six months ago, a year ago, 5 years ago.. None of them would recognize me or each other, except for being cognizant of this constant change. Everything that happens to me changes me, some things more than others.
  7. “If so, when did that happen? If not, in what directions do you see yourself going?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: Of late, I’ve been moving towards more independance. I’ve always had a tendancy to avoid making decisions or taking a leadership role. I let others make decisions for me, and I go along with it. I’m doing a lot less of that, and questioning a lot of past decisions that I no longer agree with.
  8. “When did you first become a datavore? Do you think it was trained into you by a family member or some other mentor, or does it have more of a self-directed essence?” - Maribou
    • 4 Jun 2002 12:00am: I think it’s slowly developed over the years. I was always one of the smart kids, I was put into the gifted program in 4th grade, and there encouraged to investigate interests outside what was being programmed into the rest of the students. Combine this with a general outsider mentality, always feeling left out of the loop, being the last to know, and it’s unsurprising that I’d develop a tendancy towards nosiness and obsessive data gathering.
  9. “Do you generally prefer to be alone or around others? If it’s situational, describe the various contexts?” - Maribou
    • 30 Sep 2002 7:00pm: It’s strongly dependant on mood, more than anything else. Certain situations are more conducive to a social mood than others, but sometimes I just feel like being around people. Other times I just don’t. It gets unpleasant when the situation doesn’t match the mood, and I have to be social and don’t want to be (or, more rarely, I can’t be social and want to be). I consider myself an introvert, and peg the scale on a kiersey sorter. But when I’m in a group of people I know and am comfortable with, I get a lot more outgoing. And when I’m drunk, I get downright affectionate.
  10. “In addition to information, what sort of things do you tend to accumulate?” - Maribou
    • 30 Sep 2002 7:20pm: Everything. I’m a packrat. It’s been my experience that as soon as I get rid of something, I need it. My dad was the same way, apparently.. as soon as I’d appropriate something, something that’s been sitting around unused for months or years, he’d need it and ask for it back. I /hate/ getting rid of things. I’ve gotten rid of books only ONCE in my life (my collection of star trek novels. gave them to a bookstore on caphill.). I keep the boxes for software (I actually just forced myself to throw away most of them a couple months ago when cleaning the bunker, but). I’ve got a ten (maybe a dozen, maybe a little less) black trash bags (the yard-waste size) full of styrofoam packing peanuts. I have report cards and progress reports from elementary school (technically, my parents kept them, in a filing cabinent. My sister’s too. But I took my file when my dad died and I’ve kept them too.), as well as a hearing test from the early 80s (I need to find it, so I can post it and my more recent one from this year to compare), a box and two binders full of newspaper and magazine clippings.. Before I moved to seattle I had a storage trunk full of magazines from the mid-80s on, most with only one or two things I cared about (when I packed to move, I extracted the important bits into that box of clippings). I hate getting rid of things. The thought is anathema.
  11. “What was/is your favorite of the jobs you’ve worked? how do you feel about working in general? (would you if you didn’t have to?)” - Maribou
    • 30 Sep 2002 8:40pm: Hrm. Well, that’s hard to say. I spent my first month or two at saying I loved my job. Every day. Even weekends. It got on people’s nerves. I loved the people I worked with, I loved the work I was doing, the environment, everything. It was great. It got steadily worse until I quit. At amazon, there’ve been times when I wanted out, but right now, I love my job (if not always my work) and my coworkers and the directions I’m moving in my career, and the directions the company and the group are going are, I think, good. Places I want to be. So, early, and late amazon are, so far, tied for my favorite.
  12. “Do you like being in movies or are you just a cooperative friend?” - Maribou
    • 30 Sep 2002 8:45pm: I don’t like the prepwork, or sitting around waiting, or the arguing. When we’re /actually/ rolling, when I’m actually doing something, it’s good. I’m there, I’m focused, I have a purpose. The rest of the time, I’m bored.
  13. “Do you still have any of your childhood objects? (like, in your house, not in storage elsewhere) if so, describe them, and any strongly associated memories/emotions.” - Maribou
    • 30 Sep 2002 8:46pm: Dingleball! When I was very small, my mom took a ball with a bell of some sort in it, and covered it in a needlepoint n-hedron with pictures of animals on each side. I have no memory of it from that time (or any memories at all). But, it ended up at my great aunt’s house. After she died, when we were cleaning out the house, I found it again and kept it. It now lives at nerdvana, along with having a virtual incarnation in the moo.
  14. “Other than hair dying, do you ever make deliberate attempts to change your appearance? Describe them.” - Maribou
    • 30 Sep 2002 9:00pm: I just changed my facial hair, in fact. Switched to a van dyke, to see how it looks. I think I like it, tho it’s kinda weird. That’s about it, I play around with facial hair. I cut my hair once in a while, but that’s mainly for practical reasons, eg it’s getting long enough to annoy me.
    • 12 Jun 2003 11:08am: Working on dieting.
  15. “Do you have things that you say a lot without them actually being deliberate catchphrases?” - Maribou
    • 30 Sep 2002 9:05pm: ‘Have fun’ is my traditional farewell. I just started saying it once, and after a while noticed I was doing it habitually. Let’s see.. ‘very good then’ and related. Possibly others.
  16. “What makes you most nervous (not frightened, just nervous)?” - Maribou
    • 26 Nov 2002 8:28pm: Hm. I think that’s a tossup between money and time.
    • 26 Nov 2002 8:29pm: Money. For all I act nonchalant about it, and spend it lavishly when I have it, I do worry about not having it. It’s never really happened to me. I’ve never been /completely/ broke. I’ve never NOT been able to pay what /has/ to be paid. I’ve been unable to buy things I wanted. I’m there now, and have been a lot for the past year and a half. But whenever its come down to a real crunch, money has always been there one way or another. Frequently thru unlikely-seeming mechanisms. But, gift horses and all that. But, as time goes on, and loree continues to not have a stable income, it becomes clearer and clearer that not only can’t I live the lifestyle to which I once became accustomed, but I can’t live any sort of lifestyle at all. Every cent goes into paying for home and utilities and food. There’s nothing left. I have personal debts I can’t pay off despite promising to. I have expenses I’d REALLY like to get taken care of (like, getting myself a car that works) but have no HOPE of doing so. But before the month is half over, I’m out of money. At this exact moment, I have $20.44 in my checking account and $99.86 in available credit. Total. That’s it. And that’s about where it’s been since about the 16th. And where it’ll be until the 29th. Then it starts all over. If we don’t get the refi, we’re fucked. We can’t afford to live in this house. But, at the same time, we can’t afford to move out. There’s no way we could come up with first/last/deposit for an apartment.
    • 26 Nov 2002 8:59pm: Time. I don’t have as much as I need. I’ve got.. unending lists of things I want to do. Books I want to read. Places I want to see. People I want to meet. And as the lists grow longer, the time left grows shorter. And I make no progress towards them. I’ll never set foot on Mars at this rate.
  17. “When are you most relaxed (a typical situation)? When have you been most relaxed (if you have a particular specific one-time memory)?” - Maribou
    • 16 Apr 2004 4:02pm: When I’m coding something, esp for myself. For all I may yell and scream at the computer, it’s when I’m at my best, happiest, most comfortable. If I’m doing it for work, there’s always the deadline, people coming to ask questions, etc. If it’s for me, it’s for me. I can quit if I want, I can scrap it and start over and not have to answer for a schedule being pushed out, etc.
    • 16 Apr 2004 4:04pm: At the bar, when there are enough people I don’t have to participate in the conversation. If the crowd is too small, I have to keep making conversation, which gets expensive after a while (introvert speaking!); if I don’t know enough people, similar problem. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to them, but having the focus is draining.
  18. “You were really sick for a long time. How do you think that affected how you do things now? (like, are there things that you approach differently?) (yes, very hypothetical question, i know)” - Maribou
    • 2 Oct 2002 9:56pm: Hrm. I don’t think I do things THAT much differently.. I mean, I see my doctor occasionally, whereas I never bothered to /get/ a doctor after moving here until I got sick.. I make at least a token effort to take care of myself, eat less, exercise, etc. Physically I’m still not where I was before I got sick (I’m much less flexible, and prone to weakness in some joints that wasn’t there before); but I don’t think I’ve changed my behaviour that significantly as a result.
  19. “What do you want most? What do you fear happening most? (that last wrt life development, i guess, where you’re aiming at.. but if you want to interpret it more immediately or something, that’d work too)” - Maribou
    • 2 Oct 2002 10:00pm: What do I want /most/? That’s so hard to say. There are so many things I want.. to be able to read everything I want to read, to learn the things I want to learn, to start a successful company, to own a house that’s perfectly suited to me.. To get off this damned rock. What do I fear most? Not doing those things. Living a life that’s less than it could have been. Being forgotten. Not being known.
    • 17 Jan 2003 11:31pm: better.. fear most.. losing my mind. I just watched an episode of West Wing called ‘The Long Goodbye’. CJ goes back home for her HS reunion and spends time with her dad, who’s suffering Alzheimer’s. There’s a scene when he suddenly forgets who she is. That scene was.. terrifying. I’ve got memory problems to begin with, and my constant massive intake of nutrasweet isn’t helping it any. I’ve forgotten deep friendships before (well, /a/ deep friendship). But, it usually isn’t brought into such sharp relief. The thought of it.. leaves me whimpering in fear.
  20. “What is important about music to you? Is it an emotional thing? An aesthetic thing? A social thing? All of the above plus 8 more reasons? Elaborate. Use specific examples.” - Maribou
    • 7 Oct 2002 6:03pm: It’s an emotional thing. Too many other people have talked about music and its ability to slip in past the normal sensory processing and work on the emotions directly, so I won’t go into that. But yeah. There are songs I like and songs I don’t like, and songs I sometimes like. The best songs, I don’t even have to know or care about or like the lyrics, they just /work/ for me. The very best songs, I can use to program my brain. Before my media drive died, I had a playlist of songs that I could play, loud on my headphones, that would put me into a hyperproductive mode, and I’d spend the morning spewing out code and closing tickets without break. I’ve got a CD I burned long ago labeled ‘Angst’ that I play when I’m feeling bitchy, and it yanks me out of the mood. Tremendous quantities of Enya used to do wonders for my depressive episodes.
  21. “If you could meet and befriend one famous person, who do you think you would want it to be?” - Maribou
    • 1 Oct 2002 10:02pm: Oh, god. Feinman? Einstein? Planck? Asimov? Turing? Babbage? I don’t know..
    • 1 Oct 2002 10:51pm: Hawking? Sagan? KSR? Lucas?
    • 7 Oct 2002 5:51pm: Heisenberg? Nietzsche? Bohr? Fermi? Fermat? Hofstadter?
    • 7 Oct 2002 6:20pm: Darwin? Ooh! Rodney Brooks!
  22. “Do you miss anyone fiercely? if so, who? if not, why not - i mean, do you just have ‘your people’ near you? or do people whom you have not been around/communicated with in a long time fade easily? or is there another reason?” - Maribou
    • 15 Jun 2003 11:10pm: Yes. Who is covered in a later question. And the question of why not is the answer to why.. I have the people around me, and I’m just HORRIBLE at keeping in touch with people I’m not regularly exposed to. Even the locals drift in and out of close touch as events conspire.
  23. “Hypothetical situation: you meet someone at a few parties. they are a friend of a friend. you particularly enjoy their company; they seem to enjoy yours but don’t actively do anything like invite you to dinner or something. you aren’t romantically interested, but you want to spend more time around them. how do you react (or not react)? (or, 3rd option, would that never happen?)” - Maribou
    • 1 Oct 2002 10:37pm: Well, first off, the assumption that I’d be able to tell they enjoy mine is flawed. Unless they’re actually examining their appendages for a good place to start gnawing, I’m unlikely to be able to tell the difference between active interest and politeness.
    • Second, whether I’m romantically interested or not is largely irrelevant, as the result would likely be the same. I’d do nothing. I’m actually in a situation that’s somewhat like that right now. I had lunch with this person once.. and that’s it. I ran into them at a party, tried to talk to them, and was so COMPLETELY unable to gauge their reaction that I quickly ran away. I have no idea where I stand with them, and so I just let it go. It bugs me, and I whine about it to people once in a while (tho, not in my journal yet, as the person in question reads (or, at least, used to read) it). But that’s it. Most of the time, I just don’t think about it (I live so deep in the moment, that the next moment frequently catches me completely by surprise). When I do, I don’t know what to do about it, so I do nothing. My brain lacks the basic social subroutines for dealing with these sorts of things.
  24. “Which year of school was the worst for you? which one was the best? why? (including everything from daycare through college)” - Maribou
    • 15 Jun 2003 11:25pm: Good: Freshman year, HS. ELP class reduces my misanthopy to non-lethal levels (I’m not exagerating). Sophmore year I took both Geometry and Advanced Algebra, sequentially, in order to get into calc senior year (see below) Bad: 5th grade I was doing horribly, because I just didn’t give a damn anymore. I’d completely lost interest. Ended up doing some of my homework by recording it on audio tape. 6th grade wasn’t much better, spent more time making up insanely complicated and meaningless math puzzles for my prealg teach than I spent on the homework, resulting in taking prealg again in 8th.
  25. “What sort of movies do you like? Is there a particular genre? Or a theme?” - Maribou
    • 29 Apr 2004 10:03pm: SciFi. Fifth Element, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, 2001, Matrix, Gattaca, etc etc
    • End-of-world (anything where lots of humans die). Deep Impact, Volcano, Armageddon (eh), etc.
    • Plus all kinds of other stuff that’s less genre-restrictive.
  26. “Do you have friends with whom you share very little in the way of aesthetics (or some subcategory like: what’s good music, what’s good writing)? If so, do you argue constantly over the merits of various things, or avoid the topics?” - Maribou
    • 24 Jun 2003 8:31pm: Many. I’m generally a lot more forgiving of movies than .. well, everybody else. They make fun of me for liking movies they hate.
  27. “Speaking of arguing, how do you fight? like, if you are upset with someone, how do you approach dealing with it (or not approach)? or is it more dependent on how THEY approach it?” - Maribou
    • 24 Jun 2003 8:29pm: Avoidance.
  28. “Did you know I waited on someone with an invader zim t-shirt yesterday and I thought of you immediately?” - Maribou
    • 1 Oct 2002 9:43pm: No, I didn’t. Thank you. ::)
  29. “Where are you right now?” - Maribou
    • 14 Oct 2002 9:20am: Not where I want to be.
    • 14 Oct 2002 11:28pm: Living room. My big black chair. It’s not as comfy as it once was. The cushions are getting out of shape.
  30. “What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you now?” - Maribou
    • 23 Sep 2002 4:00pm: I don’t remember offhand. I could probably figure it out if I went thru my collection. It probably wouldnt’ embarrass me.. My musical taste hasn’t changed that much over time, just been added to.
  31. “What is your favorite kind of writing pen?” - Maribou
    • 23 Sep 2002 4:00pm: Cross or Pentec. I’m fond of multipens. I prefer a heavier pen with more body to a lighter, whipier pen. I prefer ballpoint over fountain, and dislike felttip except when it comes to sharpies.
  32. “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” - Maribou
    • 23 Sep 2002 4:00pm: Chocolate chip cookie dough.
  33. “What are your favorite parts about working at amazon?” - Chou
    • 28 Nov 2002 9:01am: The people. And the fact that I get to work on things that are usually interesting. Mostly its the people. That’s why I chose amazon over better offers. everything after that’s just bonus. But my contribution is usually recognized, at least in my immediate vicinity, and I’m well rewarded for it. I get to work on some pretty cutting-edge stuff, things nobody else is doing yet, and that’s pretty cool. I can point to stuff I’ve done on the site and say “That’s me! I did that!”
  34. “What are the parts you don’t like about working at amazon?” - Chou
    • 28 Nov 2002 9:09am: Right now, target. Working with external partners is a pain. Especially when their expectations of how things will work haven’t been properly set. Or, worse, when we’ve /tried/ to set their expectations and they aren’t listening. working with other teams when they’re uncooperative can be a pain. Trying to code for a platform that’s a moving target can be.. interesting. A development environment that mysteriously fails every once in a while is frustrating.
    • 16 Jun 2003 10:58pm: The compensation package. Already journaled about this some time ago, but I effectively got a pay /cut/ this year, and I’m displeased by it. Didn’t help that it came at a time when I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing.
  35. “If you were to build a house from scratch, without practical limitations other than the normal physical laws, what would it look like? How many rooms would it have? What would their functions be, and their shapes?” - Maribou
    • 10 Jun 2003 8:21pm: Hm. Lots. A couple of large living rooms and foyers and such for parties.. A small, spherical, HEAVILY insulated Music Appreciation Room. A large, circular, possibly domed bedroom with no windows. A big big kitchen, walk-in pantry, walk-in fridge, walk-in freezer, etc.
  36. “You can go anywhere for a vacation, as long as it doesnt involve visiting anyone you know. Where do you go, and why? (Or would you choose to stay home?)” - Maribou
    • 10 Jun 2003 8:26pm: Probably stay home. If the goal is to relax, I stay home. If I go somewhere, there are things to do.
    • On the other hand, if I was going to go somewhere, I’m thinking San Diego, or Hawaii if I just want to hang out. Tokyo or Hong Kong if I want to shop. London, maybe, Moscow, Reykjavik, random places like that.
  37. “Whats your most recent joy?” - Maribou
    • 11 Jun 2003 9:39pm: Kicking some serious ass at work today.
  38. “If computers werent your vocation, what do you think would be? Why?” - Maribou
    • 10 Jun 2003 8:55pm: My dad was an electrical engineer, so there’s a strong chance I’d’ve drifted that way. A strong interest in science and space would probably have led that direction however.. I’ve a strong intuitive grasp of physics, which could have led there, or something space-related. Honestly, it’s been clear I’d be in computers SO long, I can’t imagine what else might’ve happened.
  39. “Pick one person with whom you currently choose to spend a lot of time. How did you come to know that person?” - Maribou
    • 10 Jun 2003 9:04pm: Loree. Met her when she came with the mooers to meet me at seatac during my visit for orycon. Spent the next week together. Just kinda hit it off.
    • 10 Jun 2003 9:06pm: Dana. Met her at Crossroads mall, during the weekly poly gathering. see for details.
  40. “Is there anyone who is no longer a regular part of your life, whom you wish was? If so, tell me about that person.” - Maribou
    • 10 Jun 2003 9:09pm: Many. Jeff Norris and Katie Dueringer, friends from high school. People from space camp. People from previous jobs.
    • Jeff got me back into BBSing, from there I got into the internet, from there into MOOs, from there I’m in seattle. Katie pulled me into School Publications and News Publications, convincing the teacher that she /had/ to have me to take care of their servers.
    • In space camp, I worked out plans for a mars mission with several people. They’d all signed on and were helping plan. We might’ve actually gotten somewhere if we’d stayed in touch.
    • Anne was my favorite, at Loudeye. I’ve only been in touch two or three times since I left. Steven I’ve IMed with a few times, but not often.
  41. “Whats the last thing that made your inner geek sit up straighter and say, oooooooooh, prettttttty?” - Maribou
    • 10 Jun 2003 9:58pm: Dear god, it happens ALL THE TIME. /absolute/ most recent was learning of a Red Mars mini on scifi.
  42. “To which of your qualities (positive or negative) are you most attached?” - Maribou
    • 13 Jun 2003 10:32pm: I’m rather fond of my ego.
    • Also, I can code my way out of a wet paper bag, even after said bag has been encased in concrete and dumped in the middle of the ocean on another planet and the planet dropped into a black hole.
  43. “Whats your favorite thing to cook? to have someone else cook for you?” - Maribou
    • 9 Aug 2003 12:13pm: I rather like making fried egg sammishes. I also like making salads, tho that may not be considered cooking (tho I like hard-boiled eggs in them).
    • 9 Aug 2003 12:14pm: Tater tots, in the deep fryer. Mmmm.
  44. “If you could be any fictional character, who would you be, and why? Alternately, if you could be a new character in a pre-existing fictional world, which one would you pick?”
    • 29 Apr 2004 10:01pm: Riff.
    • Why? Let me consult my notes..
  45. “Tell me about a time when you were struck by the beauty of something.”
    • 29 Apr 2004 9:55pm: Tuesday, looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows in the 5th floor lounge at work, northward at a storm hitting the northern suburbs.
  46. “If you could have a round-trip ticket to anywhere right now, where would it be?”
    • 29 Apr 2004 10:00pm: Right now? Hawaii, I think. Can I have hotel, too?
  47. “What makes you laugh?” - Maribou
    • 10 Jun 2003 9:54pm: Human suffering! MUHAHAHAHHAerwait.
  48. “How do you feel about where you’re currently living (both the building and the city)?” - Maribou
    • 13 Jun 2003 10:34pm: I like having a house. But this particular house has some issues I could live without. We need to redo the electrical and the plumbing and the yard and the fence and and andandand.. But It’s Mine, Damnit!
    • I like Seattle. There might be places I’d like better, but I haven’t found one yet.
  49. “If you could live anywhere, where would you live (assuming you could afford it, and bring whomever you wanted with you)?”
    • 29 Apr 2004 9:58pm: A nice bunker somewhere that gets hit with hurricanes a few times a year. I love rainstorms, and I like it warm. I want tropical storms, torrential rain, and a stable power and internet infrastructure. ::)
  50. “Would you ever like to go back to school? If you did, what would you study?”
    • 16 Apr 2004 4:10pm: I’ve considered going back for a MSCS, but it’s really not worth the time or expense. I might some day bother taking some classes in OS and compiler design, because I’ve wanted to learn those for a while.
  51. “What one (or more than one, if you wish) philosopher or author has influenced you the most?”
    • 16 Apr 2004 4:11pm: Kim Stanely Robinson. Ben Bova. Greg Bear. Isaac Asimov. Karl Marx (not for the reasons you’d think). Friedrich Nietzsche.
    • 2 Aug 2022 4:55pm: Add Ann Leckie and Martha Wells. I could probably add a dozen more, if I thought about it for more than a few seconds.
  52. “If you left Seattle, what one thing would you miss the most? What, if anything, do you miss about Kansas?”
    • 16 Apr 2004 4:13pm: What I miss about kansas is thunderstorms. We just don’t get them here.
  53. “What are you up to nowadays? Where are you working?” - Jeff Norris
    • 29 Nov 2003 9:55pm: Still a webdev at on vacation at the moment, took a month off and still have a week left. up to.. not much I wasn’t before. trying to keep myself amused.
  54. “Is amazon treating you well?” - Jeff Norris
    • 29 Nov 2003 9:55pm: oh, it’s up and down. was looking to quit for a while there. Took a paycut (they kept my salary the same, but killed my bonus, which equates to $5k cut), and was pissed off and under too much stress. But the month off is helping considerably. ::)
  55. “How is the house?” - Jeff Norris
    • 29 Nov 2003 9:55pm: well, it’s houselike. Still needs electrical work. We got the office moved back upstairs, and separated actually, so loree’s got her own space and so do I. I’m still trying to sort out all the crap in the bunker, which is now my office, so i’ve got space for everything. Turning it from a store room to a working space is.. complicated
  56. “Um - is this a book?” - Jeff Norris
    • 29 Nov 2003 9:55pm: Not really a book, per se, but it could be some day. Kind of a proto-autobiography. Eventually it should be the canonical answer to “Who is Marty?”
  57. “What happened to your socialist movement? A phase only?” - Jeff Norris
    • 29 Nov 2003 9:55pm: EDSU. Egalitarian Democratic Socialist Utopianism It kinda died out. The major adherents, all five of them, went off to college and we lost touch. ::) Amusingly, I started a church that had more people at its peak than my socio-political movement did. So apparently I’m a better priest than pedagog.
  58. “So are you dating anyone nowadays?” - Jeff Norris
    • 29 Nov 2003 9:55pm: Well, I’m still living with loree. I’m also seeing dana regularly, and occasionally see one other when she’s in town. There are a couple others that things haven’t solidified with yet. Let’s say: two serious, one not-so-serious, and two in the deep-flirting stage.
  59. “Does anyone call you Adam anymore?” - Jeff Norris
    • 29 Nov 2003 9:55pm: My mother. One of these days I’m gonna get around to changing it legally, as I keep saying. but I /still/ can’t come up with a good last name.
  60. “What has the best thing that’s happened to you since you left (on vacation) been?” - Maribou
    • 9 Jun 2005 8:49pm: Seeing Jeff for the first time in 8 years was good. Meeting Lori in person for the first time was good. Driving a shiny red convertible down santa monica blvd, with the palm trees, and around mulholland drive, and thru hollywood, those were all pretty cool. Driving a shiny red convertible, top down, in perfect weather, on the way to the airport this morning was very nice.