Maribou's Biography

Things my friend Maribou wrote about me when asked for a biography, sometime in the mid-2000s:

Marty is more at home in his skin with purple hair than not.

Marty's middle initial should be Q.

Marty likes furniture. And toys. And kitchen utensils. And candy.

Marty does not like to throw things away. Particularly computer parts and information.

Marty grew up in Kansas. Some people might say that you can take the boy out of Kansas, but not Kansas out of the boy. However, I have never been to Kansas, so I am a touch skeptical about that one.

Marty has lived with loree for a Very Long Time. Since before there were dinosaurs. (Okay, not really all that long, I just like to attribute things to the pre-Triassic era.) Some years they fight a lot. But if you watch them together, it is often the case that you can almost see the glowy love goop in the air. Can't say I blame them for it, they're both pretty nifty.

Marty loves Dana too. I don't know Dana very much. But she makes Marty happy regularly. This I approve of. Also, I hear she likes peas.

Marty likes angsty girl singers. And he likes to listen to angsty girl singers while he is Angsting About Girls. (Oh, the symmetry.) He also likes music that is pounding and yelly. Doesn't everybody?

Marty thinks The West Wing is fucking brilliant.

Marty likes very much for the people that matter to him to matter to each other. He would like to have a commune. Or at least family dinners.

Marty claims to be: a) a god, b) an alien, c) lacking in empathy, and d) fearsome. One or more of these *might* be true. He might even believe some of them. Sometimes.

Marty can be remarkably kind. And fuzzy.

Marty likes to make things work, be they concrete or digital. He also likes naming things. Marty has an Element named Joshua, for example. (tangential aside: If I had an Element, I would name it Phlogiston. But Joshua is a good name.)

Marty needs a new last name. Any ideas?

Marty likes to play.

Marty wants to be understood.

Marty's main source of frustration seems to be when machines, or code, or people, don't work right. This makes him Extremely Tense.

Marty's tension resides in his shoulders and his neck. Especially this one spot under his trapezius on the right side. Could be worse. You don't want to know where mine likes to hang out.

If Marty had a kabazillion dollars, he would employ several people I know who have specialized skills in order to make his life shinier while allowing them to have a job that actually makes use of their specialized skills. I think he really would, too. The only problem with this plan is where to FIND the kabazillion dollars, first.

Marty appears to have a dry wit, but a lot of that is in the presentation. Really, he's very silly.

Marty does not seem to believe that his anecdotes of childhood are particularly interesting. Or possibly he doesn't remember things very well if they happened more than 5 years ago.

Marty has dragon claws.

What I know about Marty and drinking is that it lets Izden out more. Izden? Oh, that would be his id. Which is common sense, I suppose, that a person would be more id-driven under the influence of intoxicants, and not really noteworthy, except it's kind of cute.

Yes, Marty has a cute id. Among other things.

Marty is endlessly interested in knowing things. He especially likes to know what people think of him. Or maybe it's just harder to get answers about that than about other things he actually finds more compelling (he can be a bit obsessive in pursuing information). I've read that humans are frequently very interested in themselves, but most of us are less insistent about it than he is.

Marty is the sort of person that when you say, "mm, eggs, I could use some eggs," he drives over to your house and cooks them for you. And they are extremely delicious.