Saving Money

28/09/2002 18:04 - Lunch break while painting basement.

Savings? I don't save. The purpose of money is to be spent. Money has no inherent value. Its value is in what you can get for it. Money won't make you happy. What you BUY with money, on the other hand.. The purpose of saving money is to buy something you can't afford with what's on-hand. On the other hand, that's also the purpose of credit, so.

What about saving for my retirement, you might ask. It doesn't factor into my life plan. I don't have middle class life goals. I don't dream of retiring when I'm 65. I don't plan to live off my 401(k) and social security.

I don't expect to get anything from social security in fact. The money I'm paying into it now is going to pay for my grandparents' generation, and ever growing segments of my parents'. I fully expect my parents' generation to overwhelm the system. I don't expect there to be anything left by the time I'm old enough to get it.

I doubt I could ever stop working of my own free will.. I'd get bored. I took most of January off this year, and was going NUTS by the time it was over.